Manual Extraction Wand is Used By Most Carpet Cleaning Companies
  • Cleaning back & forth from two different directions, with this method it's hard to reach all the spots
  • The cleaning machine relies on the strength of the carpet cleaner
  • A lot of times it leaves many shadowing and even hard to clean stains on the rug

  • Our cleaning practices relies on Rotovac 360!
  • Cleaning from all possible directions - reaching all hard to reach spots to give your carpet a new look
  • High torque motors can work for hours without getting tired
  • Manual wand leaves behind stains and shadowing, Rotavoc advanced cleaning solutions is far superior

  • Advanced Rotovac Cleaning
  • Drys Quick
  • Safe For Children
  • Safe For Pets
  • Green Care - No Harsh Chemicals

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    Are you vacuuming your rugs or carpets and they can't seem to be rid off odor stains or grime? Give us a call, our experienced carpet cleaning professionals have what it takes to help you today!
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